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LFIGP + Solidarity = Happiness

Présentation générale : Projet de récolte de stylos pour une école au Zanzibar

Objectif pédagogique : Éveiller les élèves à l'importance de la solidarité

Informations complémentaires : Classes de CE1 bilingues, Academic City

Nom du responsable du projet : Heather Owen, professeure de CE1 bilingue, native speaker - Isabelle Michee, professeure de CE1 bilingue


Click on the image to view the video of Solidarity Project!

Solidarity video visual

LFIGP + Solidarity = Happiness! That is the leitmotiv of the CE1 bilingual students for the Solidarity Project!

The Solidarity Project Was set up by Mrs Owen after-Took a trip she to Zanzibar. It was a wonderful trip Where She’d planned to give thought to the local children and school purpose She Was shocked at how desperate for They Were em, pushing and pulling and made her realized how significant are thought to our education.

When Mrs Owen Explained this to the Children of CE1 bilingual, They wanted to do something to help. Then They Decided to make a Solidarity Project to raise as Many As They Could pens for the children of Jambiani. Children helping children …Logo Solidarity Project

The children created posters and logos to raise awareness for the project and shared thesis around the school.

They aussi rewrote the song « 7 years », the words Learnt and Recorded it in the school’s radio station, Radio Satchel LFIGP. After, They created a music video with the song!

This video, with speakers explaining The Reasons behind the project, Was shown To Each class to ask em to donate one pen. When They donate a pen They Receive a Solidarity logo waterproof sticker!

They-have received Hundreds of thought so far qui are in a big bag at reception goal of the Primary School are still collecting! Please help to collect em Many have thought you can to help the Children of Jambiani gain the opportunity of an education qui starts with something so easy as a pen!

We-have So Many Opportunities here in Dubai, why shoulds They Be Any different there?

Team EC1 Solidarity Project

A big thank you to Heather Owen and Micah Isabelle, at the initiative of this great project and congratulations to the children for their investment and enthusiasm !